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Tyler Ann Eubanks Holladay

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Hi thanks for coming by & welcome!


In all honesty I never saw myself as the person to have a “Blog” so lets not call this that LOL lets call this my story, my journey, my chronicles, my virtual magazine, my journal, my endless book. I’m not here to tell you how to do things, live your life or preach… ok  maybe a little but it wont be pushy its all in fun. I’m here more than anything to document my life with the hopes that one day when I’m old and senile I can look back on this and enjoy all my life experience that are making me me, along with maybe inspiring a few and supplying some good info. 



In the past year since starting this Vmag (virtual magazine, get it?) I have been asked over and over again advice about travel, food, clothes, beauty, health, pretty much how I simply live my life by friends, family strangers, random people I’ve only had an acquaintance with and it got to the point where I started enjoying telling people my experiences. The pivotal point for me though in deciding to really make the executive decision to create this was while spending a week in Chicago visiting my husband while he was working on location. I asked a girlfriend who used to live there where I needed to eat while I was in town, so after Instagram stalking a few of her recommendations I headed to brunch at one. I’m solo so they sat me at the bar, which is packed, so I shimmy into the only open seat between two dudes on my left and a couple on my right. As soon as my butt hits the chair the guy from the couple on my right leans across his girl to say

“Excuse me are you a blogger?”

to which I awkwardly reply “nooo” with a completely taken of guard and confused expression on my face, he continued with “We watched you come in and completely thought you were. Like coming in alone, your style, your vibe, the whole way you're put together we totally thought you were coming to do a write up about this place, so you should be.” I couldn't help but take it as a complement. The girl chimed in with “ Well you have two followers for sure if you ever do start.” I laughed said thank you and tried to grasp the convo in my head as the waiter took my coffee order. I ended up chatting with this couple almost my whole brunch, we shared great ideas, laughs, some of the best buttermilk glazed doughnuts, and bacon I have ever had. For the most part I claim this experience as my “trigger” to actually take the idea of “Blogging” seriously. So thank you to that couple (I never got your names, wish I did!) for really lighting the fire beneath me. Also if you're ever in Chicago hit up The Publican Restaurant, maybe you’ll get your fire lit too, the foods great also.


Who: Tyler Ann Eubanks by birth Tyler Ann Eubanks Holladay by marriage.

Daughter to Corey Eubanks, Tammy and Chris Johnson

Born in Los Angeles 1987, raised in California.

Granddaughter of Bob Eubanks “That’d be in the butt bob”

Eldest of one brother Casey & twin sisters Josie & Tanner.

Married to a real good man. Mr. Logan Holladay.

Mama to my beautiful babies Kennedy & Zephyr

Full blown Sagittarius. I’m a sucker for good quotes & song lyrics. I love nature, & the city. I’m a product whore but faithful to my tried and true. Kill them with kindness, has always been my motto. Good manners never go unnoticed. Smile. Honesty, with yourself & with others keeps a calm soul. Good health is important, theres a lot of life to live. Take a walk, it helps in many ways. Breath. Loud music & the windows down always feels good. Stun them with your talent. Dazzle them with your genius. Never be half-hearted. Never be lukewarm. Always be a tough act to follow. Never show all your cards. Enjoy the happiness while you have it & recognize you have it, appreciate the moment. Time is the most valuable thing in life. I love to drink water. My kittens sleep with my dogs. I love to love life. Living life passionately.

What: Family. Babies. Friends. Food. Healthy things. Fitness & exercise. Fashion & style. Travel. Beauty. Fun. Lifestyle. Feelings. 

Where: All over the place 

Sincerely yours,



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