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Labor day weekend at the Flat Track

My husband has been talking about building a flat track bike to race for about the past 4 years and I would always tell him you should do it, it would be fun, something new and different to learn and do. After listening to him continue on about flat track this and flat track that I finally said “Look why don’t you just go buy a bike and build one instead of continuing to talk about it.” I guess that was the final little push that made him go get a bike the next day.

So here we are attending our very first race at the Santa Maria Speedway.

neon green
Logan Holladay #15

I know writing about this on a “lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty” blog seems odd and out of place but this is part of my life. And to be honest I love it. I love motorcycles and always have even before my husband and I were together, not particularly riding them myself but watching them, the sound of a two stroke and the smell of race gas really does tickle my fancy. Come on you know there’s something intriguing about being on the back of your mans Harley cruising through the canyons with the warm summer air hitting you while you feel the rumble of the engine beneath you as he twists the throttle instantly making you want to hold on a little tighter. Regardless if that scenario “does it for you” or not I’m into.

The speedway was full of characters of all sorts who came out to race and watch. I fully enjoyed people watching from the pits. Some of our friends and family came out to support and we had a great time at the races. Taking hope 5th place in the pro class for the Hubs first flat track race is pretty awesome!

Jon Johnson rolling in

Tammy & Chris Johnson aka my parents

bunch of babes

line up for practice

Holladay #15

Saarloos & Sons

Logan Holladay #15

Logan Holladay #15

Logan Holladay #15

Peace and wheelies loves!



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