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My current skincare routine

Since I know you want the details or at least I always want the details when I ask someone about their skincare here is my current skincare routine. I do switch things up occasionally but I’ve been using most of these products for a while now.

P.S. What works for me may not work for you so this is not advice as much as it is insight into products I love. All of our skin is so different and there are so many players that factor in so try things out and also seek a professional who can see your skin in person and address things more personally. Your lifestyle is the main foundation for how your skin thrives. Your diet, sleep, exercise, hormones, spiritual relationship, and mental well being are just a few of the lifestyle factors that also affect our skin and how vibrant and youthful it can be. Balancing and aligning all these areas in connecting with a solid skin care regimen can give you the skin of your dreams. O and hydrate people drink your water.

This is what works for me!


+ Rinse face with cold water. I only cleanse in the evening or when I’m taking off makeup which is usually in the evening.

+ Toner mist - Osmosis Beauty Boost or Infuse

+ Vitamin C serum – SkinBetter or Summer Fridays or SkinCeuticals

+ Prevent - SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age serum

+ Eye Cream – Summer Fridays, Tula, or SkinBetter

+ Lips - Summer Fridays


+ Wash face twice with either SkinCeuticals Simply Clean or Osmosis +Beauty Deep Clean Detox Cleanser or Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser and the second wash I ALWAYS use my Foreo Luna 2 mini

+Soothe - I try to do at least 10 minuets every night of red light therapy with my LightStim for Wrinkles

+ Prevent - AlphaRet Exfoliating Peel Pads (every other night is use the pads)

+ Toner mist - Osmosis Beauty Boost or Infuse

+ Lips - Summer Fridays

Keep in mind I used to work as an esthetician in the skincare industry so I'm a bit snobby about my regimen and know a thing or two but it is a fast pace changing industry that is so interesting and innovative. On that note you want to use quality skincare preferably medical grade and that usually takes seeing a professional esthetician or dermatologist to really evaluate your skin, go over your your current regimen, talk about your skin goals, and help develop a treatment plan that can get you to the best skin of your life. Also like with lots of other things in life when you want true good lasting results consistency is the main player, you need to give your skin time for products to work. Wish I could say I get monthly facials like I should but when I do I've gone to Taylor Paige Aesthetics for her custom Hydrafacial and she's a wealth of knowledge and also who I get me Skin Better products from, because like I said medical grade skincare is a major quality.



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