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Bouncing around Waikiki

My husband is working on location in Oahu so obviously I'm out here on location vacation visiting him! Having been to Oahu a few times prior and having a huge love for the North Shore I struggle with the city scene that is Honolulu and Waikiki for I have never truly felt the Hawaii vibe in this zone. But my mind has been getting changed by some of these little hidden and not so hidden gems I've been finding around town.

1st stop: The Surfjack Hotel - Mahina & Sun's Bar & Restaurant - Olive & Oliver Waikiki Coffee & Shop

2nd Stop: more so in the Diamond Head area ARS Cafe Gallery and Monsarrat Shave Ice for food and also do a little shopping at the Diamond Head Beach House.

3rd Stop: One of my all time FAVORITES! ARVO this little cafe is all the vibes and so delicious and I have a new crush every time I go because everyones a babe that works there.

4th Stop: or you could stay the night too! The Modern Hotel! Super chic, minimalist modern style that just feels right. ps the spa may not be super over the top impressive but by far one of the best massages of my life! + I love a more low key spa atmosphere with pool access.

Sense I will be in the area a few more days and will be returning again to visit while the hubs is working out here I'm still on the hunt to find more places that put off the specialty vibe and style that gives me all the feels so I can venture around this city of Aloha. Leave me comments of places I should try and visit!

xo loves,


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