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Kitchen Remodel

From the first time we ever looked at our current home I wanted to rip out the floors and remodel the kitchen. I mean I had a million plans adding up fast on my list of things we could do to fix up our new home, obviously things take time, and it wasn't practical to try to do them all right before we moved in so fast forward almost one year and we started our remodel!! Dreams were coming to life and I could not have been more excited to design everything. I had made inspiration board after inspiration board designing what we were going to do, which was super helpful when we were interviewing different contractors for our job.

From start to finish it took about 7 weeks, 3 weeks of which we were living out of my parents motorhome parked on our side yard. Like fully living in the motorhome, all FOUR of us LOL such a trying time but so silly and worth every moment of memories and the beautiful new kitchen we got after that time. The remainder 4 weeks we used the motorhome kitchen to live out of but were able to move back into our bedrooms once the new floors had been installed.

A little break down of our time frame:

Week 1 - Demo floors throughout house except for bathrooms

Week 2 - Demo kitchen, rough plumbing and electrical, start floor install in bedrooms

Week 3 - Drywall, tape, plaster, flooring in formal living room and dinning

Week 4 - Raise ceiling, open doorway, drywall work, plaster, tape

Week 5 - Sanding, prime, cabinet installation, countertop templates taken for fabrication at shop

Week 6 - Finish installing floors throughout family room and into kitchen

Week 7 - Paint, install countertops, start backsplash, install appliances, finishing touches

We used Preferred Home Builders as our contractor and had a flawless experience. They were so easy to work with and so professional, organized, and efficient. We will definitely be using them again when we update our bathrooms.

Logan was so awesome letting me pick out everything for our kitchen design wise. I would bring him at least two options of things and let him help me pick because lets face it as much as its my department to design and decorate our home I want my man to be happy and love his living space too. Its a team effort!

We had so much fun going to pick out our counter tops, the backsplash, appliances, and of course our wood floors. For flooring we went with Garrison Collection Canyon Crest 10 1/4" wide plank European white oak in Sumidero flooring, I really wanted a little floor with warmth to bring in lots of natural earth tones to our kitchen that was going to be mostly white, plus I am a huge sucker for grand flooring and a wide plank I had to have. It came out so stunning and I am so obsessed with our floors. They are an engineered hardwood with a urethane and aluminum oxide finish so they are super durable, will last, and because they are real wood they smell, feel, and look gorgeous. I just love the feel of hardwood on my bare feet, obviously no shoes in my house especially now. My poor brother was such great sport letting me order 1000 different samples through my family's wood flooring business Fine Wood Interiors to see what we wanted to go with. My brother and step dad were both so patient and helpful every step of the way, so grateful to have family with years of experience in the industry to turn to for guidance and my 800 questions along the way.

Counter tops I knew I wanted very clean but also a strong natural looking pattern and was leaning towards quartz. We ended up going with Vadar Quartz Statuario Venato Nuovo which is a white base with strong blue-grey veins and it is so beautiful in our kitchen especially the waterfall feature we did off our peninsula.

Backsplash tile I really wanted a more organic texture look and feel. I had been crushing hard on Clé Zellige tile and that's exactly what we went with and I wouldn't trade it for anything I look at it every day and love it more and more! We used the weathered white Zellige subway tile in a stacked minimal gap pattern as the backsplash. I love this tile so much I want to use it in other areas of my home too.

We did all Café matte white appliances and then a Wolf gas ranch top which was a huge upgrade for us because we were working with an electric cook top before which I absolutely despised. I love cooking over fire so much more. Plumping in gas was something we had done in order for us to make the switch from electric to gas and thank goodness we did.

There was an awkward space just off our kitchen that I think had been used as a breakfast nook before but I wanted to had more cabinets and floating shelves in that area. We also put a wine fridge in this space and we use it now as our coffee/bar buffet counter, it adds so much to the kitchen tying the whole space together by adding more cabinets and shelving. Plus who doesn't love open shelving to style.

Wild to see what it used to look like. What a transformation!

Hope you enjoyed a little insight to our kitchen makeover we had so much fun doing it!



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