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My favorite hair tools

My natural hair is super wild, frizzy, kinda curl, with a lot of volume so taming this mane is a project in itself. But honestly I love getting ready to go somewhere more than actually going sometimes. You know like I enjoy taking the time to do my hair and makeup, well when I have the time these days cough cough my kids don't always give me the time or they like to get involved.

Typically I only wash my hair once every 5-7 days depending on what's going on that week. Not to brag but I've gone 10 days without washing my hair. Before you jump to say "ew" let me stop you with my hair loves it. Everyones hair is different but on average most hair shouldn't be getting washed everyday. It can take time to figure out the right timeline for you and what's healthiest for your hair but once you get it down it makes all the difference and I believe saves me time. On hair washing days I always let my hair air dry about 90% and then go over it with my Dyson, then style however I feel from there.

At night I like to sleep with my hair in a low pony using a silk scrunchy. If I'm feeling the curls I love to use the heatless curls kit that is just too easy and looks so pretty in the morning. It is so awesome on school nights when I don't have a ton of time to do my hair in the morning.

As far as coloring my hair I get it done every 7 weeks as well has get my NBR extensions moved up. I LOVE extensions always have and I don't see myself not loving them anytime soon. I have had pretty much every type of extension and NBR (natural beaded rows) which are wefts of hand sewn hair weaved into your hair with a special technique are by far my favorite. I love this style of extensions because I naturally have a ton thick hair so they fill in and blend really well. I used to get extensions for the length and because I don't use as much heat on my hair when I have them because I think they are easier to style and hold curl than just natural hair so therefore I'm not doing hair every day. Now that most of may hair is just as long as my extensions I get them for the easiness of styling and less heat but also because they give me more fullness and I love the way they make my hair look. Plus you get addicted to the fullness of having that extra hair look so good.

My go to hair style is a loose curl lived in beach wave. These are my ride or die hair tools I use!



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