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My Morning Habits

So much of how you start your day can dictate how the rest of your day plays out. So set yourself up for success by trying to implement daily habits that are healthy and make you feel good. My morning habits rarely change but are a little tougher to always do these days with two little babes running my life.

A few habits I try to do every morning to feel my best.

  • Drink water

  • Get my munchkins out of bed and give them all the kisses

  • Stretch a little right out of bed

  • Make my bed

  • While I make the bed I talk to myself sometimes in my head sometimes out loud but my conversation is always about what I am thankful for and my wishes for the day.

  • Take my morning supplements AthleticGreens and Protea Stress Defy

  • Enjoy my coffee - I’m a lucky wife and Logan likes to make me my coffee which I take as a love lounge and makes my heart happy (thoughts of what I’m thankful for)

  • Snuggle my kids on the couch

  • Get things moving - you know in your office

  • Go outside. Put my feet on the earth and breath the fresh air.

  • 5 min of meditation or positive affirmations

  • Read a page out of my book Journey to the Heart By Melody Beattie

  • Splash face with cold water and brush teeth

  • Skincare

  • Move your body, take the kids for a walk or workout

  • Try to avoid phone for 20min

I don’t always have the luxury to do all these things at this stage in life like meditate, read my book, workout, sit and have coffee with Logan but its the effort that matters. Also every morning I remind myself to think about what I have gratitude for, it grounds me and its surprising the productivity you can achieve and how much your mindset is affected by focusing on all the things you have to be thankful for. If it was a rough night and one of the kids woke me up or I didn’t have the best sleep I always think of one of my favorite quotes even though its so damn cliche

“Remember when you prayed for the things you have now.”

and I check myself because damn that hits home I prayed, I manifested, and I put in effort to have the life I have now.

So lets have a great day!




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