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Seven Healthy Habits

Let's try to think every day I want to chose me. Let's make it happen. Real change comes by building healthy habits, healthy routines. This is all about adding to your routine so you can feel good! Focus on the things you have, can do, can be. Imagine how you want you life to look and add in healthy habits so there’s less room for the other stuff. Take steps in the direction of what you want your life to look like. Remember you have the power to great the life you want a life you love! Learn more gratitude for the wonderful things you already have in your life and you will quickly see more blessings flow in naturally.

  1. Make your bed daily

  2. Get outside at least twice a day

  3. Move your body, add in weights, add in resistance training

  4. Add more greens, protein, and water daily

  5. Write down goals, to do lists, use a paper planer

  6. Make more meals at home. Get your significant other and/or kids in on it too

  7. Put down the phone and go to bed at the same time every night

Now go love on yourself babes!



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