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Kennedy's 4th Birthday Fairy Princess Tea Party

How is my baby girl already FOUR?! Blows my mind! She is beyond words special with the kindest brightest soul and loving energy. I could not be more proud of her. This year was so fun because she totally understood what having a birthday meant so of course I had to let her pick the theme and be super involved.

She really wanted a Fairy Princess Tea Party for her birthday and that's exactly what my chick got. Everything I imagined her big day being it was and more, it all came out so beautiful and magical just like her.


I set up a kids table with paper tea cups, water with strawberries, and tea pots for the kids to help themselves and play all they wanted.

I was so in love when I found this chic peach colored open bounce house and it was a huge hit with the kids. BalloonWorks killed it with set up and the design of balloons for this baby.

We let lady bugs go into the garden. Now beforehand I imagined this being super special and cool for all the kids and all of them loving it but the reality was half the kids were freaked the f out while the others absolutely loved it. HAHAHA

It was straight comedy and adorable seeing little lady bugs all over all the kids. I kept telling them these are good bugs that are our friends they won't hurt you.

The cake and cookies were glorious! The cake was so perfectly fairy princess pretty and tasted even better! The cookies taste just as amazing as they look. I still can't get over how pretty everything turned out and what a beautiful day it was celebrating my baby girl. My four year old.



Bounce house and balloons - Balloon Works

Cake - Vein Janes

Extras - I ordered from Amazon

Giant Mushrooms - I made out of paper mache

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