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Mammoth in the summertime

I have been going to Mammoth Lakes California during the winter time since I was a baby but I had never been during the summertime. Crazy I know! Especially being a California native so it was about time that I made my way up to the gorgeous Eastern Sierra Nevadas during the summertime. I have seen so many new and amazing sides of this country that just amazes me and I feel like theres so much more to see than I got to this summer. I was fortunate enough to have two trips this past summer, one trip with my man and our dogs and another with my special mama to do a mountain biking trip.

First trip of the summer was with my hubs and our pups and we camped two nights on the back side of Mammoth mountain in Reds Meadow and did a ton of hiking to places like Rainbow Falls and Devils Postpile. Our dogs had a blast and our one super swimmer Winston thought this trip was planned just for him so he could swim in the rivers and lakes. The campgrounds are super clean and very accommodating bear boxes and all! Yes BEAR BOXES because you are in bear country now people. You have to be conscious of the fact you are in their environment and its important to pick up after yourself and protect yourself in order to protect our spectacular wildlife.

Two things I learned about Mammoth in the summertime, 1 there is a thing called "pine pollen" and it sucks! Especially if you are already someone prone to allergies I learned the hard way that you should start taking Claritin or your Dr prescribed med of choice a few days prior to traveling to Mammoth to avoid having the faucet turned on in your nose and itchy burning watering eyes. Yep real life it happened to me, but I lived to tell about it. 2 just because it is summertime does not mean that it is going to be hot weather. FML its freaking cold up there still! I am typically an over packer, like for any situation I probably packed something for it, its a blessing and a curse. And God bless my superhuman husband for always lugging my bags around and putting up with me. Thanks babe! xx Nonetheless I screwed us on this trip. We had just gotten new Patagonia backpack duffle bags which are fab but I also was in a phase of trying to pack more minimal LOL bottom line I didn't pack us any warm clothes with the thought that maybe it was going to be cold. I had some image in my mind that we were going to be kayaking, tanning, and swimming in the lakes in the hot sunshine of summertime in Mammoth. So I brought us the minimal in the warm clothes department aka our basic Patagonia jackets that go everywhere with us and lulu leggings for me and lulu sweats for Logs, that was pretty much it. hahaha it was never warmer than 70 degrees during the day (felt warmer sometimes in the sun) and I swear dropped below freezing at night, or at least it felt that way sleeping in our tent. We survived thankfully with the snuggling help of Win and Pen!

Camping back in Reds Meadow was a really special experience. We met some very neat people who were on huge voyages hiking the Pacific Crest Trail which starts in Mexico and goes to Canada! So badass! Some people were on day 55 of their trek and taking a break to get a shower and stock up on food at the little shop back there.

Side note when you pay for a 5min shower you realize how quick you can actually shower! (I did not wash my hair though)

There is just something great about a campfire that reminds you about basic needs and simple times and what is important in life. Sitting around the fire talking with my husband and our dogs I looked up at the star filled sky and thanked God for how happy I am in life and all I have been blessed with. Our camp was adorable with twinkle lights and Mexican blankets to complement our awesome R.E.I. tent and sleeping system. Come morning, coffee in the mountains is a must! And coffee while camping is the best, I mean come on who doesn't love french pressed coffee! Logs made a delicious breakfast, beacon eggs and all! He's so great!

Each day we went hiking it was so neat to see the back side of the mountain we ski in the winter and to discover a whole other side I had no idea about.

So after two whole days and nights of camping, hiking, and dealing with the worst allergy attack I've had in a long time, and Logs, the dogs, and I all snuggled up all night every night trying not to freeze throughout the night we decided it was time to check into Mammoth Mountain Inn.

Hello warm cozy bed.

Plus Logs got to go downhill mountain biking and we met up with some friends!

My second trip of the summer was with my ever adventures mother who thought we should do a Trek mountain bike camp! Boy o boy were we out of our comfort zone with this one. Such an amazing experience, we learned so many techniques and riding tips considering we both had never really been downhill mountain biking before. Its one thing to have a mountain bike and ride it around on local trails and on fire roads like both my mom and I have done before but its a whole other realm on a mountain that is designed for cross country and down hill pros to play on. Pretty much we learned how to rip down black diamond trails and go through the park relatively well for beginners at least thats what our pro instructors told us. We went of jumps and off drops as tall as I am! Mind blown over some of the stuff we did. I am beyond proud of how well my mama and I did! It was a blast to have this experience with her and test ourselves. It was so much fun but gosh were we sore. Like super sore everywhere. Such a special mother daughter trip. My mama is always surprising me with her talent and class and I'm so blessed to have her as a role model. I love her so much. We fully enjoyed time together walking around the village and have great dinners. I even drug her to my favorite hole in the wall Nic-n-Willies for the best meatball sandwich around.

I also found a whole new love for Mammoth Lakes during the summer time and can not wait for next year and this winter of course too.

Lots of love lovely's



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